Top Trends in Window Treatments

Are Custom Window Treatments Back in Fashion?

If you are interested in interior design and always want to keep yourselves updated with the latest trends, then this post, outlining the latest fashion in window treatments, is just what you need to read. We will not only give you a detailed overview of the current market but will also explain why custom window treatments are still number one!

  • Transparency. Despite the light sheer fabrics let in your property, they are not transparent, so you still have all the privacy that you want. This is what makes this type of fabrics popular for window treatments. Letting natural light to come in helps you save on your electrical bills for lighting and heating your property.  More and more people are now looking for this functional option.

  • Simple light curtains are now very popular for large windows. Elaborate window treatments are no longer that popular.

  • A fun, yet sophisticated deep blue is the top color of 2017. In combination with white interior furniture, it lends a modern Mediterranean look to any property.

  • Irregularly shaped or extra large windows are more common than ever. This is why, the demand for custom window treatments has increased lately. In order to help you design the type of curtains or shades that will best fit your window shape and interior design requirements, you can turn to the team of Affordable Designs by Lynn Dianne Interiors in San Antonio, TX. We are young and creative design specialists that will be happy to help you with any project you may have. Contact us now at (210) 844-8481 for more details.

4 Steps to Take in Hiring an Interior Designer

The remodeling industry is experiencing great demands today. Both residential and commercial properties have turned to remodeling services for new and innovative interior updates.

For this reason, many have also chosen to start a business in the remodeling industry. If you are planning on an interior update anytime soon, you’ll find great and exciting offers from different remodeling companies today. But make sure to choose the right professionals to serve and help you all the way in your interior update. Here are the significant steps to take if you decide on hiring the service of an interior designer.



  1. Do a personal interview with the professionals you are considering. Take time to do a research of reputable companies working in interior designing. If you have two-three company options, schedule a proper consultation with each one of them. Be able to ask the necessary interview questions.
  2. Take time to look at their project portfolios. Of course, it is important for you to review their previous works. Take on valid referrals and be able to know more about how well they work and how they communicate and connect with their past clients.
  3. Talk to them about your intended budget for the project. Be able to relay your intended budget for the project. No matter how big or small your intended budget is, there is always a company willing to take on the responsibility of producing excellent results with the fund limit that you set.
  4. Deal with the right and outstanding interior designer and proceed directly to a proper and efficient project planning. Choose the professional who truly impressed you and who you think you can work well comfortably. Remember to also do your part of giving clear and exact instructions and specifications to avoid any mistakes or arguments later on.



Is your property located in San Antonio, TX? Choose the service of our top-performing interior designer from Affordable Designs by Lynn Dianne Interiors. Book a service by calling us at (210) 844-8481. Call us now! We look forward to meeting your needs.

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