How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Listen to the Advice Given from a Talented Interior Designer

Have you just bought a small apartment or house according to your needs and lifestyle? So far so good. But how can you re-design your home in a way that doesn’t feel like you can’t breathe in there? A professional interior designer will provide you with these wise tips:

Paint everything in light tones. Using paint shades in the white-beige range of colors will help you feel free. You can paint the walls and ceilings in soft and beautiful ivory hues, purchase light linen bedding, as well as opt for white cabinetry and white light fixtures. It will really make a huge difference. In addition to this, use the color contrasts wisely. Generally speaking, dramatic contracts are not recommended for cramped places.

Let in more natural light. As a rule of thumb, allowing more natural light into a room means it will expand visibly; This is and old traditional trick to make space look larger than it really is. Creating a brighter environment by allowing more natural light to come in through large windows is the key to success.

Remove the clutter. By keeping your small place as clean as possible, you will achieve what you wish. Remember, a cluttered room is equal to a smaller room. You can have small cabinets installed to keep your shoes, boots, and clothes out of view.

Use big mirrors. You will be surprised to learn what miracles those big mirrors can do with a limited space. They will definitely make it look much larger. They will reflect natural and artificial light during the day and night.

Install multi-functional furniture. For a cramped space, we strongly recommend you buy multi-functional furniture pieces. A chest that can be used as a coffee table, a sofa with a functional bookshelf underneath, or a bed with storage drawers underneath are typical examples.

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