Things to Know Before an Attic Renovation

A Reliable Remodeler Wants You to Know These Things

Whether you plan to turn your dark and damp attic into a beautiful bedroom, sunroom, or an additional living room, there are several things you should know. Hiring a legitimate remodeler with the experience of renovating lofts and small places is great, but you will also have to take these things into consideration:

  • Take a candle and walk around. As a rule of thumb, attics are cramped, moist living spaces. There’s no point in starting a remodeling project if you don’t address moisture and mold first; This is a smart trick many remodeling contractors recommend so that you know if adding quality insulation is needed or not. If the candle flame extinguishes in a few areas of your room, you should talk to your contractor about such a project up front.

  • Consider the code requirements. Lofts are places difficult to remodel. There is no question about it. Local code compliance is a must. Hiring a team of specialists who know them is the best you can do. For instance, in some states, there are requirements about the height of a finished attic, and it’s width and square footage.

  • Evaluate light and access. These two factors are essential in each attic improvement. How much will you need? If you need more natural light, you will need to install either one big window or several small skylights. If you intent to create a bedroom or an additional kid’s room, it will need easy access in case of fire.

  • Think about the temperature. Normally, lofts are cool places with a risk of a high humidity level. As you are planning to turn the place into a habitable area, you will have to get a proper HVAC system installed. You can consult with a professional about the most appropriate model and size of the device.

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