The Cheat Sheet Every Homeowner Should Use When Replacing Their Draperies

Tips from a House Decorator on How to Pick Window Treatments for Your Home

Today is your lucky day, as our house decorator has prepared a complete curtain cheat sheet to help you make the right choice to match your interior and be functional at the same time.

  • Sash. This is a very popular and trendy style which is unlined and designed to filter light only.
  • Sheer. This is the best type of drape if you are seeking more privacy. It blocks the outside view in well and does not obstruct the view from the inside out. This drapery is also very thin, so it does not block light.
  • Rod pocket. It is made with a casing at the top which slips over the rod, and creates a soft ruffled effect. It hides most of the rod.
  • Tab top. This type of drapery is hung with a rod that slips through flat loops spaced along the top edge. It does not require pull cords or hardware to open or close.
  • Ring top. These window treatments are hung from decorative rings attached at intervals across the top. It does not require pull cords or hardware to open or close.
  • Blackout/Thermal. The extra lining and insulation blocks significant light while protecting your home from the summer heat or the cold temperatures in the winter.

Choosing the correct fabric is also very important.

  • Some fabrics are very heavy and can limit light which makes them ideal for your living room or home theater. Velvet or wool blend fabric will be just right for you.
  • For small rooms with draughty windows, the damask should better be matching the wall colors. You’d better add thick draperies that cover the windows completely.
  • Medium weight fabric of your choice will perfectly fit a small kitchen or bathroom window.

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